Storm Damage


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Storm Damage

Living in Minnesota can be an adventure in many ways. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and we sometimes experience all four seasons in one week. It can snow a foot and be 80 degrees in a matter of days, which wreaks havoc on our homes and businesses. With the ever-changing weather, it’s important to have a storm damage restoration company in mind just in case.

At Kiser Construction, our team is trained to handle all sorts of storm damage restoration projects that may crop up. We can quickly get to your property and begin an inspection. Our storm damage restoration experts easily determine the most prevalent damage and can then begin working with you to get your life back on track.

Frequently Damaged Areas

If your home has been damaged in a storm, our contractors at Kiser Construction can help you repair the damage and navigate with your insurance to ensure you receive the best care possible. Typically, we see storm damage in three primary areas of the home:

  • Roofing
    If there was a severe storm in your area, chances are that you will have many out-of-state contractors knocking on your door to offer roof inspections. However, instead of choosing these “storm chasers,” you should choose to do business with a local company. Unfortunately, many storm chasing companies make false promises and do not come through on their deals. When you choose Kiser, we will have our team on site quickly to examine your roof and determine if there is any damage. Once that examination is done, we will give you a quote and get to work helping you recover.
  • Siding
    In addition to roofing repairs, our team will also assist you in analyzing and repairing your siding if it has been damaged in a storm. Similar to roofing repairs, we encourage you to trust and use local contractors instead of storm chasers who come from out-of-state to knock on your doors. Oftentimes, these out-of-state, door-to-door contactors give you false promises and leave without finishing or even starting the job.

    At Kiser, we have helped countless clients since we opened for business. We will thoroughly analyze your home to find damaged areas before offering you a reasonable and fair quote. From there, we will begin repairing your siding so your home is protected from the elements.
  • Gutters
    In order to fully protect your home from the elements, you need to have a properly functioning gutter system. If your gutter system does not work properly, it can cause backups and leaks, which inevitably cause water damage. Additionally, if strong storms cause debris, such as leaves and sticks, to fall into your gutter system, it can be clogged, which also causes backups and leaks that lead to water damage.

Kiser’s Storm Damage Services and Process

Like our other restoration services, our team is available 24/7. No matter when a disaster strikes, we can be on site quickly to help you start your recovery process. Here is our storm restoration process:

Assess the Damage

Like our other restoration processes, we will conduct a full assessment of your property when we arrive. The purpose of this assessment is to find the most dangerous and damaged areas of the property and seal them off to prevent someone from being injured. For example, if a tree falls into your home due to strong winds, we would block off that area and formulate a plan to repair the space.

Board and Tarp the Property

If your home has been so severely damaged by a storm that you cannot stay in it for the time being, we will board and tarp your property to ensure no further damage ensues. If you can still live in the house, we will board and tarp the most damaged areas so there is no danger that you or anyone else can be harmed by those areas.

Determine if Other Restoration Services are Needed

When a severe storm hits, your home could flood, or your home may be struck by lightning, which causes fire and smoke damage. If your home has fire or water damage, we will go through our individual processes for those issues before continuing with our storm damage repair.

Clean and Repair the Property

After we have properly assessed your home and determined if there was any other sort of damage, we will begin cleaning and restoring your damaged possessions so they return to their previous state or better. As soon as the affected possessions are returned to their former state, we will do any repairs necessary so your home returns to normal and you can move on.

Let Us Handle Your Insurance Claim

At Kiser Construction we realize that sometimes knowing when to and when not to file a claim for storm damage can be a confusing decision. And at times, there can be misleading information and false promises made by out-of-state contractors, often referred to as “storm chasers.” We use specific processes to determine whether our customers should file a claim for storm damage, never pushing for a claim where it’s not warranted, and provide genuine assessments.

Like our other restoration services, we work with our customers’ insurance companies to make sure they are getting the proper care and coverage. We provide step-by-step updates to our clients, ensuring they are informed at all times. You are our priority in the aftermath of your property’s disaster. We will handle your insurance claims and restoration, while you sort through the details in the other parts of your life affected by the damage. Additionally, our team will also work with your mortgage company. Most companies do not help clients with their insurance, let alone their mortgage company, but that is what sets Kiser apart.

Full Home Restoration Services

At Kiser, our storm damage repair specialists are experts in wind damage, hail damage, flooded basements, damaged roofs, and more. Our team can even come out in advance to remove ice dams and go through the necessary steps to ensure your property can withstand drastic temperature changes and anything else the Minnesota weather throws at you.

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