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Living in Minnesota means braving the drastic changes in weather, no matter if it’s 30 below zero or 95 degrees outside. In the heart of the winter when we’re buried under mounds of snow and ice, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your home or business’s building.

What Are Ice Dams?

Ice dams form when warm air from the inside of our home escapes into the attic and heats the roof. Combined with the sun, the warm air will melt the snow and ice on the roof and drain the water into the roof’s slopes and gutters. Typically, this water would be seamlessly be transferred from the home via gutters and downspouts; however, when temperatures dip back below freezing near the edge of your roof, the water refreezes and creates an ice dam.

The constant freeze and thaw cycles cause damage to your gutters and eaves, where the moisture can then travel back under the roof shingles or boards until it makes its way into your attic.

Ice Dam Removal

At Kiser Construction, we offer ice dam removal and steaming services to rid your home of hazardous, winter ice dams. As a premier ice dam removal company, we take the time to properly steam the ice, which fixes the problem before it occurs.

If an ice dam is preventing the snow and ice melt from properly draining away from your home, contact Kiser Construction. By steaming the ice and removing the blockages, we can decrease the likelihood that your property will be damaged from the inevitable back-up of ice and snow.

Steam: The Best Way to Remove Ice Dams

Just a few years ago, using steam to remove ice dams was unheard of. However, this method is now the standard for professional companies. A steamer heats water to 300 degrees before the steam is forced through a hose and onto the ice dam.

The steam slowly melts the ice into small chunks that we can remove from your roof one small piece at a time. This method keeps the ice from tearing your asphalt shingles or damaging your metal roof surface. It is the perfect way to effectively melt ice quickly while incurring zero damage to the roof system.

Why Hire a Professional to Remove the Ice?

Ice dams are dangerous as they can cause massive destruction to your roof or any item directly below. Ice dams can also cause serious injuries or fatalities. Furthermore, if you try to remove the dams yourself, you may cause further damage to your roof or hurt yourself in the process. Your best option is to hire a professional to remove the ice.

As a professional ice dam removal company in Elk River, MN, we have the equipment, crew, and experience necessary to melt the ice and protect your roof. When we arrive on-site, we bring professional steaming equipment that slowly melts the ice. This is a better approach than scraping the ice off the roof, as it will cause less damage.

Kiser Construction has removed ice dams from hundreds of homes in Elk River and the surrounding area. Our contractors are qualified and insured. We take extreme safety precautions to protect our workers and our clients. You can feel confident that we will protect the structure and integrity of your home’s roof.

Contact Kiser Construction Today

At Kiser Construction, we understand the challenges of maintaining a working roof in a cold climate. If your home has ice dams, contact us today at 763-633-2010, or you can message us on our contact page.

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