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Some commercial buildings, especially older buildings, are not handicap accessible. In recent years, many building owners have been trying to make their facilities ADA compliant as a way to ensure they are accessible to everyone. Older buildings are not always required to renovate in order to be compliant, but renovation is mandatory if the changes are not too difficult or expensive.

At Kiser Construction, our team is full of expert ADA-compliance contractors. From installing ramps throughout your building to widening doorways, our team will ensure your building meets ADA codes so that your guests can feel welcome.

Our accessibility contractors have been remodeling homes and other properties for years to fit ADA accessibility codes. We will walk you through the process step-by-step because Kiser has your best interests in mind. We can do it all, no matter if you’re in need residential, multi-family, or commercial accessibility construction.

What is the ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures individuals with disabilities have access to buildings or other properties. The ADA establishes requirements that commercial properties must adhere to. These requirements involve construction design for all types of facilities.

Commercial or public properties that don’t adhere to these guidelines are hindering those who are disabled from accessing properties. An example would be a restaurant that does not build a ramp for those who are in wheelchairs so that they can get inside the building. These businesses or other entities may face stiff fines or penalties for failing to grant access to their facility.

Making Sure You Are ADA Compliant

Kiser Construction can ensure that your property is ADA compliant both inside and out. We can help you take the necessary steps to adhere to ADA regulations such as:

Go over the ADA requirements

As an ADA-certified contractor, it is our job to meet with you to discuss the ADA requirements. We partner with you during the construction process to make sure that the finished product is 100% compliant with ADA standards. We have access to all ADA publications and stay updated on regulations as they change.

Make sure compliance is a top priority

We include specific terms in our contracts that require all parties to be compliant with ADA standards. We also provide written confirmation that all buildings and construction drawings fall in line with the ADA guidelines. You can feel confident that compliance will be our top priority.

Avoid Common ADA Mistakes

Like all other city codes and regulations, ADA regulations can change at any time. It’s also easy to miss the fine print. We will make sure we keep up with all changes and current standards so that we can help you avoid ADA mistakes. This is extremely easy to do, which is why we are always studying the regulations.

Conduct Complete Inspections

Our inspections and double-checks begin when we start drawing up the plans to make your building accessible. We will continue to check throughout the project and will make final inspections when the job is complete. We closely follow the ADA Checklist for Newly Constructed Lodging Facilities.

By working together, we can make sure all of your guests and visitors have full and safe access to your building. This is our way of demonstrating that we truly care about ensuring every project we work on is ADA compliant. To find out more about ADA regulations, feel free to call us. We can answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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