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    Restoring a home after a fire takes intricate work that can’t be done by just anyone. Our certified contractors can handle any project, no matter its extent.
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Picking up the pieces after a fire can seem inconceivable. Your property, belongings, and memories may be damaged or gone. The road ahead seems treacherous and unknown, but that’s where we come in. At Kiser Construction, we’ve been helping families and property managers recover from fire damage since 2003.

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The Kiser Fire Restoration Process

One of the first things you should do after your property has been damaged in a fire is contact a reputable fire restoration company, like Kiser Construction. At Kiser, we are available 24/7 and can be at any location within the metro in a short amount of time. You may not know where to start the recovery process, but we do. Our experts will walk you through it step-by-step to make sure you are informed at all times. Here is our process:

Assess The Damage

When you call on us to help you recover from your disaster, our team will be on site quickly to start the process. Before anything, we will introduce ourselves and explain the process before assessing the damage. The Kiser team will evaluate your property, inspecting every room that has been or could have been affected by the fire and the water damage from putting the fire out. Once everything has been assessed and the hazards are found, we will begin to construct a restoration plan.

Board and Tarp the Property

When fire damages the integrity of your house, immediate action needs to be taken to ensure what remains is protected against further damage. At Kiser, our fire restoration specialists will find the vulnerable areas and board them up. Windows, walls, and roofs are the areas of your property that need boarded or tarped first. Tarping the roof keeps additional water out, while boarding the remainder of the building keeps people from entering and ensures the safety of your remaining possessions. Learn more about our emergency board up and tarping.

Remove Water

We have our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to handle any water damage that occurs on your property. Water damage after a fire typically comes from the firefighters attempting to put out the blaze, but can also occur if your pipes burst. We immediately begin removing water to limit the damage and prevent hazards, such as mold, from forming. If there is mold, we are licensed to remedy the situation and ensure your building is safe. We use a variety of equipment to erase water damage, such as dehumidifiers and more.

Eliminate Smoke Damage

If not properly taken care of, the smoke damage that stems from your fire could linger in your house or commercial building. Smoke and soot can travel anywhere during the fire and cling to surfaces, such as ceilings, walls, floors, and more. Since 2003, our expert team has been restoring homes from fire damage and has all the tools necessary to rid your property smoke damage from fire.

Clean and Repair The Property

Once we have eliminated the smoke and soot damage from your home, we will begin cleaning and restoring the property. We are able to clean items from your home so they look like new again, such as lamps, desks, and other common items. After all your reusable possessions are functioning and damage-free once again, we will begin to restore your property. When we restore, we bring your home or property back to what it was before the fire. We can also add additional renovations to your property. We will stick to your budget while restoring your home and work with your insurance and mortgage companies to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Common Fire Hazards

Each year in the Twin Cities, over 13,000 homeowners suffer a residential fire. What’s even more unfortunate than the fires themselves is the fact that many of these disasters are completely preventable. So why do fires strike when they’re relatively easy to avoid? Because many household fire hazards are hiding in plain sight.

  • Dryer Lint
  • Space Heaters
  • Batteries
  • Outdated Electrical
  • Kitchen Appliances

If disaster has struck, and your home or business has been damaged or destroyed by a fire, it’s critical you follow these steps after a fire and contact restoration contractors as soon as possible. When you call on our team at Kiser, we will be on-site quickly to begin assessing your property. From there, we will follow our fire restoration process and act as your advocate with your insurance company to ensure you receive the proper care.

24/7 Emergency Services

With our 24/7 emergency services, we can be at your property as soon as possible to assess the fire damage and begin our fire restoration process. Our team consists of expert fire restoration contractors and fire restoration specialists. Together, we will guide you through the cleanup and provide support every step of the way. Our focus is on our customers above all else. We will help you navigate and negotiate with both your insurance and mortgage company so you get the best treatment possible. Not many fire restoration companies in the Twin Cities work alongside insurance companies, let alone the mortgage company, but that’s what sets us apart.

As experts in fire restoration services, we will immediately get started to ensure the investigation is properly started, as well as get your belongings properly secured to take some weight off your shoulders. Fire damage restoration can seem daunting, but we are here to make it as easy as possible.

Insurance Assistance

At Kiser Construction, our team works with your insurance and mortgage companies to help you get the best care possible. If your home is severely damaged in a fire, you may feel lost and overwhelmed by all the decisions you must make. When you choose Kiser, our team will walk you through the process step-by-step and explain everything in detail. Insurance and mortgage companies can delay your claim and the process to benefit themselves, but with our help, we can make sure your claim is handled in a timely fashion so you can get your life back on track.

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