Minnesota winters are harsh. We all know that. Kiser Construction wants to help you prepare and check everything off your list to fully winterize your vacation home. Whether you’re a snowbird heading south, or a cabin owner locking up, you’ll thank yourself when summer returns and you come back to a safe, clean, and pest free home.

The following are things that should be done and inspected prior to locking up your home for the winter.



  • Drain toilets and fill with RV anti-freeze.
  • Drain back pump for well point.
  • Turn off water for all faucets to your sinks and tubs.
  • Inspect around toilet for leaky seal.
  • Inspect caulking around tub.


  • Empty fridge and freezer.
  • Leave doors open to dry-out.
  • Empty all trash cans.
  • Clean out garbage disposal.
  • Remove all food to avoid varmints.
  • Pour RV anti-freeze down sink drain.
  • Bleed water lines.
  • Turn off valves under sink.
  • Turn off and bleed water to fridge and freezer.


  • Inspect your roof for holes, critter holes, nests, or missing shingles.
  • Inspect screens.
  • Inspect the chimney to see if it’s broken or damaged.
  • Inspect for missing siding.
  • Inspect foundation for cracks.
  • Inspect water spigots.
  • Clean vents of debris.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Clear hazardous limbs off trees.
  • Pull dock and lift out.
  • Cover fire wood outside.
  • Secure and lock all out buildings.


  • Block and cover fireplace so critters can’t come in.
  • Inspect and repair exterior door hinges.
  • Set mouse traps.
  • Inspect attic for pests.
  • Put out dryer sheets and moth balls.
  • Spread diatomaceous earth around the foundation of your home to keep bugs away.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Inspect window seals for leaks.
  • Turn off gas and water mains.
  • Close off all propane lines to the grill and fireplace.
  • Once turned off, purge all gas lines from the stove, fireplace, and other gas appliances.
  • Make sure you have spare keys.
  • Remove all valuables.

If you follow these steps prior to leaving for the winter, your home should be in tip-top shape when you return. However, if you come across any damage don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your fire, water, storm and remodel needs.