Winter in Minnesota is upon us and it’s most likely going to get worse before it gets better. For some that could mean dangerous ice dams and leaky roofs. Prevent those issues and more by installing heat cables along the gutters and the roof line.

Protect Your Roof

Installing heat cables on your roof can help protect it. The heat cables will prevent the cycle of freezing, then thawing, which can cause shingles to split or crack. Because the heat cables melt ice and provide a way for water to run off the roof, homeowners see less damage caused by ice buildup and subsequent leaks. The weight of heavy snow and ice can break down your roof quickly, causing stress on your house. You can easily avoid the wear and tear of winter by simply installing heat cables.

In addition to protecting your roof from damage, heat cables can also protect your downspouts and gutters. Without heat cables, ice can collect in the gutters and expand, causing them to break open. Installing heating cables will prevent this from happening and you from needing to replace your gutters.

Safety First

Ice and snow can be dangerous, especially when they are suspended high in the air over people’s heads. Large icicles can easily break off and hit people walking below them, causing major injuries. Water dripping from ice dams can create black ice on driveways, doorsteps, and walkways setting up a problematic scenario. Installing heated roof cables can simply eliminate the risk of hurting your family members, guests, and yourself.

Insulation and Installation

In addition to installing heat cables, another way to prevent ice and snow damage to your roof and house is to properly insulate your attic. Pairing proper attic insulation with roof heat cables is an inexpensive, safe way to keep your roof and house in prime condition.

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