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Snowmelt 101: 3 Ways to Protect Your Home

It’s February, which means spring is on its way in the Twin Cities. Even if winter weather might not show signs of letting up, there’s no doubt that eventually, warmer days will make their long-awaited appearance. At Kiser Construction, we know that when spring weather finally rolls around, your property is subject to water damage as the snow begins to melt. Fortunately for you, the best way to avoid damage is to practice proactive maintenance, so be sure to heed these three easy tips to keep your property protected.

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Should You Remodel? Top 3 Home Investments With High ROI

In Minnesota, spring and summer are prime seasons for home renovations, so the early portion of the year is the perfect time to start planning out your home remodel. At Kiser Construction, we know that investing in the value of your home can yield substantial returns when you decide to sell — but only if you choose renovations that have a high ROI. What might those renovations be? Our team compiled a brief list of home updates that are well worth the investment, so if you’re contemplating a spring or summer remodel, here’s what you should consider:

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Post-Winter Roof Damage: What to Watch For

When you live in Minnesota, harsh winter weather can present a significant threat to your property. Snow accumulation, ice formation, winter storms, and freezing weather can wreak havoc on your roof throughout the winter season. Unfortunately, unless you’re very vigilant, you might not notice there’s a problem until the damage is already done. At Kiser Construction, our team is here to help you maintain your home in top condition, so when the snow finally starts to melt, be sure to examine your roof for these hallmark signs of damage:

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