Whether you are considering remodeling services for your private home or flipping one and relisting it, you want to maximize your profit and help your money go as far as possible. Home additions are a great investment because they raise the value and increase the overall square footage.

If you’re looking to potentially increase your property value, let's look at five home improvements that can help enhance curb appeal.

1) Give Your Basement an Overhaul

The basement can be one of the best areas to create an addition and can add up to 30% more value to the property when it's transformed into a usable area. The addition will also have a lower cost because you won't be required to build new walls, and it can be utilized for anything from a home gym to a study or additional bedroom space.

2) Add in a New Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the home, and choosing this as an addition can significantly improve not only the function of your home but its quality. Adding a new bathroom means updating the latest trends, increasing the resale value, and creating more ease when hosting guests.

3) Create a New Space for Your Guests

Adding an in-law suite is one of the most common options people choose, especially as family members live longer and children care for adults. The extra space helps maintain a sense of independence for aging parents, can provide a more private space for guests, or be used to generate rental income.

4) Turn Your Bedroom into a Master Suite

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, and enhancing it with additions can help you create a stunning space you love to retreat to at the end of a long day. Adding features like a walk-in closet, dressing area, or even a full-size bathroom can offer a sense of luxury and comfort while creating a more functional environment.

5) Keep Your Kitchen More Organized

Dealing with an outdated kitchen leaves little room for creativity, so making some changes can help alleviate this. New features can increase the style and value so consider additions like a new pantry for extra storage, incorporating an island for cooking ease, or considering your floor plan options and increasing the overall space for a sleek new look that inspires you.

Kiser Construction: Exceptional Services With Professional Results

Home additions are excellent investments because you have complete control over the creativity and design of the space, and it can be a deeply rewarding experience. In this industry, you need expert home remodeling contractors, and Kiser Construction has been delivering quality services since 2003. Whether you need a remodel or mold removal, we have you covered in Minnesota.   

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