Water damage is the number one issue that can break down your home's foundation and cause severe deterioration to the structure. It also invites other issues like mold and mildew, termites, and carpenter ants, so finding ways to combat it is essential. In most cases, this issue occurs from problems that could have been prevented, so Kiser Construction is here with six tips on reducing water damage risk for your home.

Know How to Turn Off Your Main Water Valve

Water damage can happen quickly, so if there is a critical event like a burst pipe, you want to know how to shut the water off as fast as possible. Typically, the valve will be located on an outside wall in the basement or the garage, and if you are on a public water source, the valve is normally on the street side of the house. To shut it off, you can turn the valve handle clockwise until it stops, which should cut off all water supply to the home if an emergency occurs.

Check Your Drainage System

Your sub-pump also needs to be inspected at least once a year. The pump is crucial because if excess groundwater begins to funnel into your basement, it will pump the water into designated areas such as a detention pond, nearby storm drain, or dry well and work as a defense for your basement.

Keep Your Gutters Cleaned Out

A weakened drainage system can lead to leaks which can cause cracks and weaken your home's foundation. Your gutters are essential because they help redirect the water away from home. Cleaning them out can help reduce the risk of water pooling and causing larger issues.

Have Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are also a highly recommended tip, especially if you are unfamiliar with plumbing systems. A professional can look for any issues, including discoloration on the pipes, rust or deposit build-up, cracked or crimping pieces, or frayed metal, and resolve these situations before they become an emergency.

Monitor Your Water Pressure

Investing in a water pressure gauge is also recommended. The gauge can help distinguish if there are any over-pressured pipes in your home and confirm there are no leaks. A typical water system will withstand between 40 and 70 PSI, so you may need a regulator if your pressure is over this amount to reduce stress on your pipes. However, if you find the levels are under 30, it is recommended to call a plumber.

Consider Removing Shrubbery or Trees Near the House

The landscaping can help create an aesthetic you love for your home, but unfortunately, any bushes or trees that have grown too big can be problematic. Trees with invasive root systems can grow into your pipes, drainage field, and sprinkler system, so keeping all trees at least 20 feet from the home is recommended.

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Water leaks can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and may not be as simple as just drying out this space. Knowing where to turn when you need professional services is crucial, and whether storm damage roof repair or emergency restoration is required, Kiser Construction is here for you. We are Minnesota's top-rated restoration and remodel experts, and we have been providing exceptional services since 2003.

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