With all the new adjustments going on in the state of the world, there is a greater need for home updates to help accommodate the changes. This can require finding remodeling contractors and enhancing the space in a way that feels authentic and functional. Understanding the hottest trends can help give you a better idea of what's going to work for your home, so we created a list of 2022 designs you don't want to miss!

Upgraded Home Offices

Working from home has become a common practice, and more than ever, there is a need to invest in creating spaces that accommodate this function. One way this is achieved is by changing the function of other rooms and converting them into an area that is customizable and can be used for multiple purposes.

Choosing Bold Designs

Being bold is making an appearance in 2022, and homeowners are finding that wallpaper with unique patterns allows them to work with different textures and colors. There are also enhancements in the kitchen areas between the color of the backsplashes and countertops, whether through do-it-yourself projects or choosing remodeling services.

Enhanced Outdoor Areas

With more people spending time at home, another trend is that individuals are working with their outdoor spaces to create a more comfortable aesthetic. Individuals are adding items like shade and awnings that can help create a space they can use at any time of the year and feel more connected to their home's natural surroundings.

Opting for Extra Spaces

People are constantly looking for new ways to bring in some extra money, and with individuals having an entrepreneurial focus, it's not uncommon for different rooms in the home to become other areas of activity. Whether you are promoting products, shooting social media videos, or selling specialty items, another trend is to use that extra bedroom, basement, or attic space as a place to create great products.

Easier Bathroom Access

Many individuals are considering the concept of aging in place, so they are converting different areas of their homes to help accommodate this. One of the biggest areas this is happening in is the bathroom, and additions such as grab bars, fold-down seats for the shower, higher toilets, and nonslip flooring are all popular options in 2022.

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