To keep your property in the best condition possible, you need to be prepared when a storm is coming in. Having the right knowledge can give you an opportunity for extra precaution and help you avoid needing emergency disaster restoration.

Kiser Construction is here with an explanation of summer storm categories and terms to help you and your home stay safer!

Risk Differences

Every storm is different, and when a severe one is developing, they will be labeled in different risk margins to help better understand how extreme they are.

●        Marginal: A marginal risk implies that there may be one or more severe storms, but they won't last very long or cause a lot of damage.

●        Enhanced: The enhanced risk Means that there may be more widespread storms that look to last longer and cause a greater impact on property and individuals in the area.

●        High-Risk: High risk means that there will be severe outbreaks with issues like tornadoes expected.

In most situations, the meteorologist will give a warning about any storms that are taking place and create a watch for the area. This means there is a need to have a plan in place if severe weather happens and causes issues like roof damage from wind, so it's essential to understand the difference in risk levels.

Weather Language

There are several different terms for weather to be aware of and here are just a few common ones you may hear.


●        Microburst: A large downburst or gust of air that will affect an area larger than 2.5 kilometers.

●        Squall Line: Indicates an alignment or band of thunderstorms that are currently active in the area.


●        Bankfull: This term is about the height of a river before it overflows the banks.

●        Flood Stage: An indicator of the height the water needs to be before damage occurs in the area.

●        River Flood: When a large amount of rainfall causes the water to flood the small streams and lead into the larger branches.


●        Enhanced Fujita Scale: The scale was introduced to gauge the storm's severity, and it ranges from EF0 to EF6.

●        Funnel cloud: A cloud with a rotating column of air associated with tornadoes; however, they are not considered dangerous unless they touch the ground.

●        Rope Tornado: The rope tornado is in the shape of a rope and looks similar to a snake and Is known for the signal that the tornado is coming to an end.

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