Fire is one of the earth’s most polarizing sources of life, energy, and destruction. When fire doesn’t work for us, it can turn everything we love into burnt rubble. Even if your home isn’t destroyed, part or even your entire home may be deemed unlivable.

However, there’s always a way to let your property rise from the ashes of a fire, and that’s Kiser Constructions fire restoration services!

Of course, fire restoration services detail the cleaning and repair of your home structure from fire and smoke damage, but have you heard of contents cleaning?

Let’s discuss Kiser Contrcution’s contents cleaning in greater detail below!

What is Contents Cleaning?

During and after a fire, smoke is quite an intrusive substance. Smoke seeps and leeches into every square inch of your home and belongings if the fire hasn’t destroyed it.

Kiser Construction Contents cleaning removes any working and intact items left from your home, including:

●        Clothing

●        Furniture

●        Documents

●        Lighting Fixtures

●        Appliances

●        Kitchenware

●        Photos and Frames

Any part of the facet of your home that can be restored will be restored by first removing these contents from your home and bringing them to a secure location. Next, we will sort out the items we have removed by the best method of cleaning.

Obviously, your clothes and your desk won’t clean the same way, so sorting out these items based on the cleaning method gives a more organized and less stressful part of your complete restoration process.

While dishes and clothes are easily cleaned in dishwashers and laundry machines, you can’t run your furniture through these appliances. Your furniture will be hand-washed with degreasers and strong deodorizes that remove insidious smoke odors.

When every item goes through our contents cleaning process, it will be safely stored while your home itself goes through our fire damage restoration process.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

While your contents are receiving cleaning at a separate location, we’ll get right to work restoring the most damaged structures in your home. First, we’ll take safety precautions, such as boarding up and tarping the areas that will require work.

Next, we will conduct our smoke damage cleanup to remove the residue through the structure of your home. After we rid your home of smoke-smell and damage, we will get to work on complete remolding services to restore your home to its former glory.

Finally, we will return your items from the contents cleaning when the damage is fully restored!

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