Mold can grow in almost every nook and cranny that moisture can penetrate. While most people associate water damage with warmer seasons, you may not realize that winter is also a prime time for moisture issues. From freezing temperatures that lead to burst pipes to severe weather, winter storm damage often comes unexpectedly.

All winter storm damage needs to be addressed immediately before water creates the perfect conditions for mold growth. Knowing what to prepare for is the best way to protect your home or property.

Let’s look at different types of winter storm damage that can lead to mold.

Burst Pipes

During winter, the temperature can dip down well below freezing throughout the Twin Cities area. When the temperature gets low enough, the water running through your pipes can freeze. When water freezes, it expands, leading to your pipes bursting.

Pipes bursting can not only cause water damage but also promotes mold and microbe growth in the affected area.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are common in Minnesota, and they’re pretty easy to spot. If you have ever seen a glob of ice sticking to a roof with icicles hanging from it, you’ve come across an ice dam! Ice dams may look cool, but they can cause a tremendous amount of damage.

Ice dams form as a result of poor insulation in the attic. With all the snowmelt refreezing on your eaves and gutters, these areas will come under an immense amount of weight. Ice dams that are big enough fall off the roof, taking the shingles and gutters in that area with it. Additionally, ice dams can tear off parts of your siding on the way down.

With these areas exposed to the elements, it’s only a matter of time until they collect moisture resulting in water damage and mold growth.

Severe Storms

A strong blizzard or hail storm and an older home can be a bad combination. From roof collapses to flooded basements, our team at Kiser Construction has helped restore Minnesota homes from a variety of winter storm damage. If the water has had time to sit long enough, mold remediation often becomes part of our complete restoration process.

How to Prevent Mold From Winter Storm Damage

After winter storm damage, get the support you need right away by contacting a trusted professional. The sooner you get the restoration process started, the better for preventing mold.

When you choose Kiser, we go above and beyond to provide insurance assistance and handle every aspect of storm damage restoration, from water removal and structural drying to mold remediation and reconstruction.

Contact Kiser Construction for Mold Remediation

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