While many insurance packages are simplistic, the information can become difficult to understand when it comes to water damage. Though many companies offer different insurance protection, certain types of water damage are almost universally covered or not covered. Unfortunately, some natural disasters, like floods, are not covered by many insurers. However, most companies will cover internal water issues, like burst pipes or leaking roofs and windows. Here, our experts at Kiser Construction will discuss the different types of water damage and if they typically can be covered by insurance.

What is Typically Covered By Insurance?

In most insurance plans, many types of water damage are at least partially covered. Typically, water damage is covered if it stemmed from within your home and was completely unexpected. Some of the water damages covered include:

●        Rain and snow

Typically, water damage from rain and snow are covered under a different part of your policy. Because these are usually caused from extreme weather, they can be claimed under the storm protection aspect of your insurance plan.

●        Plumbing faults

If your pipes burst due to weather, negligence from the installer, or old age, it is usually covered by insurance. Additionally, if a machine, like a washer, backs up, it can be covered, as well.

●        Efforts to put out fire

Almost all insurance plans offer fire protection for you and your family. If your home or property is damaged in a fire, the water that comes from the sprinklers and firefighters is completely covered under fire protection.

●        Burglary

If your home was broken into and the plumbing is damaged in some way, it may be covered on your insurance plan.

What is Typically Excluded From Insurance?

Though many types of water damage are covered by insurance plans, there are a select few that are excluded. Some of these include:

●        Flood damage

No basic insurance plan includes flood insurance. There are different companies you need to go through to get the certification to qualify for flood insurance. Floods not covered do not include those from pipes and other incidents inside your home. Soaked soil and property, rising rivers and lakes, as well as some instances of heavy downpour are not usually covered.

●        Sewer backup

If there is sewer backup from a flood or other incident that creeps into your home, it is typically not covered. However, some agencies offer different stipulations to cover the coverage gap for these types of incidents.


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