Flooded basements aren’t just a pain to clean up – they present many dangers to the occupants of your home. From severe weather to burst pipes, there are many ways your basement can succumb to flooding.

Let’s look at the hazards that come with a flooded basement.

Mold Growth

Moisture is the number one cause of mold growth. When your basement floods, every square foot of the floor will receive some level of water. It doesn’t take long for the smallest crevices to obtain water, and it’s only a matter of time until the basement receives mold growth as a result.

Mold poses a danger by the allergens and irritants it produces. Inhaling mold spores can bring about allergic reactions in some individuals.

Storage Damage

Basements are a common space to use as storage for your extra items. If you use part of your basement as storage space, there is a likely chance those possessions will succumb to water damage. Depending on the contents of your storage, you could be losing a significant amount of monetary or sentimental value from a flooded basement.

Damaged Appliances

Appliances like water heaters and electrical boxes are commonly found in the basement. Flood basements can damage these appliances causing thousands of dollars in repair or replacement.

It can be seen as an added danger if your basement floods in the winter, as you can lose the electricity and the heat to your home.

Electric Shock

If the electrical box and other subsequent electrical appliances reside in the basement, it is advised against going near it if it floods. Standing water with active electrical currents is the perfect storm for potential electric shock, leading to severe injury or death.

Weakening Foundation

If your basement becomes flooded multiple times, this could indicate a failing foundation. If there are weak spots within your foundation already, water will find its way through, which can accelerate its erosion.

Foundation repair and replacement come at a heavy price. So if your basement floods after a storm, it could be a bad sign.

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