Winter in the Twin Cities area can bring a laundry list of issues that have to deal with your home. One of those issues is the forming of an ice dam on top of your roof. Ice dams hold the potential to damage areas of your home and become a hazard.

Luckily, Kiser Construction delivers the best method to rid your home’s roof of ice dams: with steam. Let’s take a look at why ice dam removal with steam is the best way to go!

What is an Ice Dam?

Before we talk about getting rid of that ice dam, let’s discuss how the ice dam came to be. The number one reason ice dams form is heat loss from the attic. Air escapes the interior of your home and leaks into your attic. This heat increases the temperature of the attic. Fallen snow resting on your roof will begin to melt. This snowmelt will start to run down your roof to the edge.

When the water reaches the edge, like the gutters, for instance, it will begin to pool and freeze again. This process repeats until you have a full-fledged ice dam hanging from your roof. Not only can ice dams have the potential to damage your roof, siding, and patios, they can also be a hazard to you and your family.

Ice Dam Steaming

A relatively new method of removing ice dams, steaming has become a tried and true method. Ice dam steaming starts by heating the water in the steamer up to 300 degrees. Next, the steam is then sent through a pressure hose and spits out this warm moisture. The steam slowly melts ice, turning the once large ice dam into small chunks that are more easily removed.

This method of ice dam removal is the most effective since it works quickly and does not sustain any damage to your current roof’s status. The low-pressure system spits out a brisk flow, but not enough to damage the shingles on your roof.

In short, removing ice dams with steaming is the quickest, safest, and least invasive method there is!

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