Drainage issues are a common problem found in many homes. Mother Nature doesn’t let you pick the days where it rains, snows, and storms, and she definitely won’t tell you if your house is susceptible to drainage issues. These issues can lead to expensive restoration costs if enough water damage is sustained. Luckily, you can assess the areas of your property that may be the biggest culprits of drainage issues.

Here are 3 things that cause drainage issues.

1.   Improperly Installed Gutters & Downspouts

The function of gutters on your home is to redirect any moisture that hits your roof away from your property. Redirecting this moisture helps prolong the life of your roof as well as not allow water to seep in near your foundation, which can cause all sorts of damage to your basement and the foundation itself.

When gutters become clogged by fall foliage or the pitch of the gutters isn’t sufficient, it can show a whole mess of drainage issues. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are working towards directing the flow of water away from your home. Secondly, cleaning your gutters once or twice a year will help with their drainage issues!

2.   Improper Grading

Grading refers to the angle of concrete, pavement, or anything else built around a property. Grading helps achieve level ground while giving enough pitch to help the flow of moisture when it storms. However, perfect grading is not always achieved. When the grading is not right around a home, water can pool in certain areas or, even worse, flow towards your home.

If your drainage issue is a result of improper grading, you can install subsurface drainage pipes to help direct the flow of moisture better!

3.   The Soil on Your Property

There are many types of soil our homes have the potential to sit upon. Additionally, these many types of soil can be the issue of your drainage problems. There are three common types of solid your home can sit on: clay, sand, and silt. Soil that holds large amounts of clay makes it hard for water to seep into the ground. Sand, on the other hand, leaves enough surface area for water to filter through.

If you have a drainage problem as a result of soil, you could mix it with a coarse aggregate for better drainage!

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