If you’ve lived in Minnesota for a few winters, you know that frozen and burst pipes are an unfortunate yet unavoidable part of life. And while you may never experience the frustration of a burst pipe during winter, it’s still important to know how to tell if you might be dealing with this damaging issue.

That’s because pipes can burst due to a variety of causes, including rust, physical damage, and improper installation. Your home could suffer a burst pipe at any time, and knowing what to keep an eye out for is the best way to prevent extensive household water damage.

If you’re not quite sure how to tell if a pipe bursts in your home, we’ve listed the red flags you’ll want to keep an eye out for below.

Drop in Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your home suddenly decreases and you’re unsure why, that drop in pressure may be indicative of a leak caused by a burst pipe. Any time water leaks out of a pipe, you’ll get less water coming to your faucets and toilets, which you’ll notice as decreased water pressure or toilets that don’t flush all the way.

If you notice a drastic decrease in water pressure, it’s in your best interest to turn off the main water supply while you investigate its cause. If there is a burst pipe, cutting off water flow is your best bet for preventing serious water damage.

Moisture Stains

Many of the plumbing pipes in your home run behind your walls and above your ceiling, and if any of those pipes burst, the water that leaks from them, will eventually cause stains. If you ever notice moist-looking marks on your walls or ceiling, there’s a water leak somewhere in your home, which you must investigate right away.

Staining usually indicates that the leak has been present for a while, but it won’t tell you where exactly that leak is coming from and whether it’s caused by a burst pipe. A roof leak can also cause water staining on walls and ceilings, so it’s in your best interest to call a water damage cleanup company that can inspect your home and locate the leak’s source.  

Standing Water

If you ever notice standing water anywhere inside your home, you have a major problem, which may be caused by a burst pipe. That said, several plumbing issues — and even a leaky air conditioning system — can result in standing water inside the home. Damage to your main water line can also result in standing water in your yard, and if the problem is severe, it may even cause a sinkhole to form.

Anytime you notice pooling water, either inside or outside your home, call a plumber or water damage cleanup specialist for an inspection right away.

Water Discoloration or Odor

Brownish or unpleasant-smelling water coming from your faucets may indicate an impending plumbing problem or a leak caused by a burst pipe. Often, discolored or odorous water is the result of rust or mineral buildup inside a pipe, and since these things can gradually deteriorate a plumbing system, they may cause leaks to develop.

Water odors can also occur due to burst pipes. Since all of the pipes in your home feed into the main sewer line, that line can have trouble pushing out wastewater when there’s a leak somewhere in the system. If that happens, you may notice a sewage-like odor when you run your faucets.

Unusual Plumbing Noises

Bubbling and whistling noises in your plumbing system indicate that air has made its way into the pipes, and that usually happens when there’s a leak. If you notice these strange sounds when you run your faucets or use your toilets, you may have a burst pipe or a minor pipe leak, both of which require your prompt attention.

Any time water makes contact with your walls, ceiling, or flooring, it can cause considerable damage if it’s allowed to sit on those surfaces. Anytime you notice weird noises when you use your plumbing system, call a professional who can inspect for problems. Your best bet for avoiding extensive water damage is to address anything out of the ordinary right away.

Kiser Construction Provides Comprehensive Pipe Burst Cleanup Service in the Twin Cities

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