Severe weather isn’t uncommon in Minnesota, and as a homeowner, you should have an understanding of how to deal with the aftermath of a serious storm. If your home suffers damage caused by hail, wind, rain, lightning, or flying debris, the first thing you’ll need to do is give is a quick once-over to assess the severity of the issues. Next, you’ll need to call a storm damage repair company for a professional assessment.

After you make the call for storm damage repairs, here’s what you can expect:

Inspect the Home & Assess the Damage

First, storm restoration contractors will come to your home to perform a comprehensive storm damage inspection. They’ll identify all damaged areas, as well as the severity of the damage, and if there are any safety hazards, the contractors will create a barrier to prevent anyone from being injured in that area. When the assessment is finished, the restoration team will begin formulating a plan for tackling the repairs.

File an Insurance Claim

If you plan to use your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the necessary storm damage repairs, you’ll need to contact your provider to file a claim. Be sure to provide photos of the damage along with any other documentation the storm damage repair specialists provided during their assessment.

Your provider may recommend that you work with a specific storm damage repair company, but you have the right to choose who repairs your home. It’s in your best interest to get repair estimates from at least two to three companies to ensure you’re getting fair pricing.

Protect the Property From Further Damage

If your home suffers severe damage — like holes in the roof or severe water damage — the contractors will tarp and board those areas to help prevent further damage from occurring. They’ll do their very best to commence work on the job as quickly as possible after the damage occurs, but in the meantime, you can usually still live in your house, provided it’s safe to do so.

Determine if Other Remediation Services Are Required

If your home flooded as a result of a storm or if it was struck by lightning and suffered a fire, it’ll require other restoration services in addition to storm damage repairs. When you hire restoration contractors, they’ll assess your entire home to determine if water damage restoration or fire damage cleanup may also be necessary.

Clean and Restore the Property

Once your home has been fully assessed and the repair contractors have formulated a restoration plan, they’ll begin the remediation process. Depending on your home’s needs, that may include water removal, structural drying, contents cleaning, or smoke damage cleaning in addition to the necessary storm damage repairs.

For more must-know information about handling weather-related home damage, check out our frequently asked questions about storm damage repairs.

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