Your home is one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make, so when you’re ready to make a few upgrades, you can’t just hire the first home remodeling contractor you find. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to evaluate potential contractors before hiring one to work on your house. Take a look below for the top seven things you need to do to find the best remodeling contractor for your unique needs.

Get Recommendations

Do you have any friends or relatives in your area that have hired remodeling contractors in the past? Can you get any recommendations from them? If so, you definitely should. If your acquaintances had a superb experience with a specific contractor, there’s an excellent chance you will too. If you can’t get recommendations, look online for contractors with a history of top-notch reviews.

Conduct Phone Interviews

Once you’ve assembled a list of remodeling contractors you’re interested in, make a quick phone call to each one to conduct a brief, preliminary interview. Questions you’ll want to ask to verify availability and reliability include:

●        What size/scope projects do you take on?

●        Can you provide a list of previous clients? (You’ll want this for your research later.)

●        How many projects will you have going simultaneously at the time I need work done?

●        How long have your employees or subcontractors been with you?

●        Do you have any financial references? (You’ll want these to verify the company has the financial resources to do the job without asking for a massive down payment.)

Meet for In-Person Estimates

When you’re finished with phone interviews, choose three or four remodeling contractors you’d like to move forward with. These are the companies you’ll be requesting in-person estimates from.

Research Each Contractor’s History and Workmanship Quality

Before you get estimates, thoroughly research each of the three or four companies you’re considering. You’ll want to look for:

●        Reviews from past clients

●        Galleries of their previous projects

●        Rating with the Better Business Bureau

●        Other trust signals like membership in contractor’s associations, awards from industry organizations, awards from home services organizations like Angie’s List, etc.

●        Job sites the remodeling contractors are currently working on (drive by and take a look at the site to see if it’s safe and well-kept.)

Don’t Let Price Be Your Sole Determining Factor

After you’ve thoroughly researched your list of contractors, set up a time to get an estimate from each one. But don’t let the lowest bid be your sole determining factor! It’s actually in your best interest to toss out any lowball estimates since cheap bids often indicate that a contractor is cutting corners somehow or using low-quality equipment.

Determine a Schedule for Payment

When you get estimates from each remodeling contractor, inquire about a payment schedule too. Ask what kind of upfront deposit the contractor wants, and be wary if they ask for half the job’s price before they commence work.

A huge downpayment request may be a red flag that the company has financial issues and may not be able to complete the work as scheduled. Ideally, you’ll want to err toward a company that asks for 10% to 15% upfront and the remainder of the project cost in evenly spaced increments over the duration of the delivery schedule. 

Get Everything in Writing

Last but not least, make absolutely sure you ask for everything in writing! If it’s not in writing, the remodeling contractor has no verifiable obligation to honor it, so protect yourself and get the following on paper:

●        Project estimate and payment schedule

●        Proof of liability insurance, licensing, bonding, etc.

●        Project start date, projected end date, and delivery timetable

●        Materials and products that will be used

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