How frequently do you take a look at the condition of your windows and doors? If you’re like many homeowners, it’s not often. But old doors and windows could be costing you more than you might assume. Not only can they allow for excessive heat transfer (which will raise your energy bills) but they can also encourage moisture intrusion, mold growth, and even rot development.

If you haven’t gotten new doors or windows in decades, it may time to start thinking about window and door replacement. How can you tell if your home is due? Check out the signs you should look for below.

Signs Your Home Is Due for Window Replacement

Outdated, deteriorated windows can allow a substantial amount of heat to enter and exit your home. In summer, those windows can force your air conditioner to work overtime and in winter, they’ll force your heating system to do the same. If the seals are bad, they can also allow moisture to get inside your home, which can rot your window frames and encourage mold growth.

Here’s how to tell if your windows are due for replacement:

●        Your energy bills are getting unusually expensive.

●        You can’t open or close the windows easily.

●        You can see cracking or decay around the windows.

●        The windows let in a ton of outdoor noise.

●        You can see moisture accumulation.

How to Tell If Your Home Is Due for Exterior Door Replacement

Old, deteriorated exterior doors present you with the same disadvantages outdated windows pose. But if heat transfer, moisture, or mold doesn’t put you off, this will: Dilapidated entry doors can also pose a major threat to your safety as they can make it much easier for someone to force entry into your home. 

To determine if it’s time to start thinking about door replacement, here’s what you need to look for:

●        Cracking, warping, or other signs of weathering

●        Drafts sneaking in beneath the door.

●        Doors that tend to stick when you open and close them

●        The frames show evidence of moisture damage

●        Your doors provide minimal soundproofing from outdoor noise

●        Soft spots or areas that are breaking apart on wood doors

●        Moisture accumulation on the interior of the door

If you observe any of the above issues with your windows or doors, get in touch with a window and door contractor to schedule a more comprehensive inspection. Your contractor can alert you to the presence of any deeper problems that require your attention and can also let you know whether repairs may fix the problem.

That said, if your windows and doors are older than 20-30 years, it’s definitely time to start pricing out window and door replacements. Even if they still look fine, seriously aged windows and doors will inevitably cause problems that may be expensive to fix. Plus, replacing these outdated components can add some serious value to your home.

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