When you live in the Twin Cities, winter can do a number on the outside of your house, but you won’t know the damage is there unless you take the time to look for it. That’s why performing a springtime exterior inspection is so important.

Not sure what you need to look for? The contractors at Kiser Construction share a simple checklist below.

Inspect Your Roof

Your roof can take quite a beating throughout a Minnesota winter, which means you’ll need to perform a thorough inspection when the snow finally melts. If you’re not comfortable climbing on your roof or crawling around in your attic, schedule an inspection with a licensed roofing contractor. It’s best to take care of this inspection and any necessary roof repairs before the heaviest spring rains hit.

Assess Your Siding

If you have wood siding, it can be particularly susceptible to deterioration throughout winter. Look for signs of water staining or damage near your gutters and eaves as these areas can be prone to problems if your gutters aren’t containing water the way they should.

If you have any other type of siding, keep an eye out for damaged areas, cracks, holes, fading, and other signs of wear-and-tear. Should you notice anything questionable, have a siding contractor come take a look at it. You might be able to get away with just a few minor siding repairs, but if your cladding is decades old, it may time to start thinking about siding replacement.

Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

If you forgot to clean your gutters and downspouts before winter, spring is the time to get it done. While you’re cleaning, examine the gutters and downspouts for cracks, leaks, and general wear-and-tear. If you notice signs of damage or deterioration, schedule repairs with a gutter contractor promptly.

Spring is rainy season in Minnesota, and your gutters must be intact and properly placed to minimize your risk of foundation water damage. The earlier you tend to any necessary repairs, the better protected your home will be.

Examine Your Foundation

As you walk around your house, look closely at the foundation to see if you can detect any masonry cracks. Cracks can develop in your foundation due to a variety of causes, including water damage, frost heave, and soil settling, but you can’t possibly know the culprit without a professional inspection.

If you do notice cracks, don’t try to fill them yourself as routine caulking won’t fix the problem and certainly won’t address a water damage issue if you have one. Schedule a foundation inspection with a water damage expert or another qualified professional and they’ll recommend the best course of action.

Inspect Windows and Doors

Deterioration around your windows and doors will contribute to heightened indoor-outdoor heat transfer throughout summer, which you’ll notice in the form of pricier energy bills. Aging window and door seals can also allow unwanted moisture into your home, which can trigger several issues, including:

●        Mold and mildew growth

●        Water damage

●        Pest infestations

●        Frame rot

To make sure your windows and doors are ready to handle the summer heat, inspect the caulking and frames and test their functionality. If you notice any unusual, have a window and door contractor inspect the issue and recommend a solution for remedying the problem.

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