Living in the Upper Midwest, we are susceptible to all kinds of weather, which can range from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to feet of snow and ice. Regardless of the time of year or the severity of the storm that is expected, it is important to check on your home. Checking for any damages beforehand, cleaning your gutters, cleaning up your landscaping, and more could help you protect your home when you know a storm is coming. Here, our restoration contractors at Kiser Construction will walk through some basic steps to storm preparation, so you can help protect your home from storm damage.

Preparing for Spring and Summer Storms

When the weather begins to change in March and April, the incessant snow and ice storms are replaced with heavy rains and strong thunderstorms. While these storms and weather changes provide a much needed reprieve from the cold, harsh Minnesota winter, your home can also be damaged if you don’t undertake the necessary precautions. After the snow is gone and it’s safe to do so, you should check your gutters to remove any debris that may have piled up during the fall and winter. This clears your downspouts to allow the water to properly drain.


Additionally, if you know storms with heavy rains are on the way, you should inspect your roof, windows, and doors for leaks or signs of damage. By doing this and addressing the problem head-on, you could save yourself a lot of hassle down the road. Additionally, if you have outdoor furniture, consider putting it away. If you fear you may lose your home to a severe storm, pack away your valuables into your basement or other safe area.

Preparing for Winter Storms

Living in Minnesota, you know that winter feels longer than all the other seasons combined. We typically get feet of snow and ice that accumulate for months. Each winter storm is heavily tracked and warned against on every major news outlet, so you know when that dreaded snow is on its way and what to expect. With that in mind, you should get your home ready for winter. Like summer storms, you should check your doors, windows, and roof for leaks, and speak to an expert about preventing ice dams.


Additionally, you should look at extra installation for your home to help lower your energy costs from running your heat for months at a time. Additionally, you should get your furnace and other major systems checked to ensure they are working properly. Securing a backup generator, candles, among other things, are also vital if you were to lose power during a winter storm.

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