When your home suffers a fire, whether minor or major, you know you’ll need professional fire damage restoration as quickly as possible. But one thing many homeowners tend to overlook is smoke damage cleanup, which is also an essential step in the process of restoring a home to its pre-disaster condition.

Unfortunately, many people believe that living in a house with minor smoke damage isn’t a big deal, especially if that damage isn’t readily visible. At Kiser Construction, we’re here to clear the air (literally). Below, we explain why it’s never safe to live with smoke damage and what you should do if your home has it.

Smoke Damage: It’s Not Always the Same

Smoke damage comes in many forms and depends on the type of fire that affected a home. Smoke remediation specialists classify damage into the following general categories:

●        Dry smoke. Typically, this type of smoke damage comes from fast, hot fires kindled by wood and paper. It can easily penetrate cracks and porous materials, which means its scent can linger long term if the damage isn’t properly remediated.

●        Wet smoke. This type of smoke damage generates from low-temperature, slow-burning fires that burn through materials like rubber, plastic, and other synthetics. The smoke is thick, dark black, and it creates a dense, sticky residue that adheres to everything within the affected area. As such, wet smoke is very difficult to remediate properly without specialized equipment.

●        Protein residue. When a fire causes organic matter to evaporate, it creates protein residue that will adhere to any surfaces within the affected area. Often, this type of smoke damage is largely invisible, but it does produce an off-putting odor that’s unmistakable. Without proper smoke remediation, that odor can linger long term.

●        Fuel/oil residue. Fires that involve any type of petroleum or its derivatives (these are uncommon in homes) generate thick, black smoke that creates a sticky, dense residue. This type of smoke damage produces a strong, highly offensive odor that can permeate anything within the affected area. Without proper remediation, the damage can render any affected objects unusable.

Different types of smoke damage require varied remediation and cleaning techniques, as well as different pieces of specialized equipment. This is why it’s so important to understand that, depending on the type of fire, a dwelling can suffer from long-term consequences that range in severity. Regardless of the type of smoke damage, though, one commonality exists: Living in a home with smoke damage is never safe.

Let’s take a look at a few of the many reasons why below.

What Are the Risks of Living With Smoke Damage?

If you and your loved ones are safe and well after experiencing a household fire, you want to stay that way, right? But if you choose to return to your home before you’ve had comprehensive smoke damage cleanup, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Smoke residue is hazardous to human health because it contains several toxic chemicals, many of which are carcinogens. And because smoke can permeate your walls, vents, ductwork, flooring — essentially everything in your house — its residue can cause a variety of health issues, including:

●        Asthma

●        Respiratory inflammation

●        Bronchitis

●        Cognitive alterations

●        Fainting

●        Skin and eye irritation

●        Nausea and headaches

Keep in mind the above list is far from comprehensive. And, aside from the health risks associated with living around smoke damage, the issue may cause further material deterioration inside the home, depending on its severity.

Kiser Construction: Your Twin Cities Source for Comprehensive Smoke Damage Cleanup

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