If you’re like most homeowners, you rarely think about your attic. Sure, maybe you store a few boxes and seasonal decorations up there, but how often do you actually take the time to look around and assess the space? Have you ever paid attention to the condition of your attic insulation? If not, know this: Adequate attic insulation is essential for maintaining a healthy roof.

Fortunately, determining whether you have enough insulation up there to protect your roof (and the rest of your home) isn’t difficult. And to help you out, the experts at Kiser Construction share four telltale signs of a poorly insulated roof below. 

High Energy Bills

If the attic in your current home has always lacked insulation, your energy bills may have been consistently high for months or even years with no apparent culprit. But can you recall what your energy bills looked like at your previous residence? If they were far less expensive, and you lived in a similarly sized home, chances are your roof is lacking insulation.

Warm air travels upward, so it gravitates toward the attic as it circulates around your living spaces. And when your attic has adequate insulation, that warm air will remain contained within your living area. When you don’t have enough insulation or if the material is degrading, a substantial amount of heated air escapes through the roof.

If you’ve noticed your winter heating bills far exceed your summer cooling bills, it’s time to get your attic and roof checked out by a licensed roofing contractor. If your roofer finds that the area is lacking insulation, he’ll recommend the best course of action for remedying the issue. 

Inconsistent Temperatures From Room to Room

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home? Room size plays a major role in interior temperature maintenance, so keep that in mind. However, if most of your rooms are similarly sized and some are colder than others, you may have a roof insulation problem.

Even if inconsistent room temperatures don’t bother you, it’s best to have this issue checked out by a qualified roofing contractor. During an inspection, the pros can alert you to a lack of roof insulation, as well as any other roofing problems that must be addressed to avoid long-term complications. 

Ice Dams Throughout Winter

An ice dam on the surface of your roof is a telltale sign of inadequate roof insulation. If your house is prone to developing ice dams throughout winter, you need to have your roof and attic assessed by a licensed roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Because an ice dam traps water on the surface of your roof, it can cause slow moisture leaks and, if the issue grows severe, structural roof damage. This is not merely an aesthetic annoyance; ice dams threaten the health of your roof, so you must address them promptly.

Deteriorating Insulation

Even if you have plenty of insulation in your attic, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s functioning properly. Insulation deteriorates over time, and as it does, it slowly loses its capacity to lock conditioned air inside your home.

If you notice insulation deterioration anywhere inside your home, it’s a good idea to examine your attic for the same issue. Often, homes have all of their insulation installed at the same time, which means if you notice red flags in one area, there’s a good chance the problem is widespread.

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