The roof on your house was never designed to last forever. And if you fail to replace it when it begins to deteriorate, the consequences can be expensive. At Kiser Construction, we understand it’s not always easy to tell when it’s time for a roof replacement, and that’s why we’re here to help.

In this blog, our roofing contractors discuss nine glaringly obvious signs that your roof is due for an overhaul.

1. Your Roof Has Exceeded Its Projected Lifespan

Do you have the paperwork from the installation of your existing roof? If not, do you know when it was built? Most roofs have a lifespan of around two to four decades, but depending on the type of roof you have, it may last longer than that.

Here are the projected lifespans for some of the most common roofing materials.

Asphalt Shingles

Most asphalt shingle roofs last between 15 and 30 years, depending on the quality of the shingles.

Metal Roofing

Depending on the quality of the materials, a metal roof can last 40-70 years.

Cedar Shake Roofing

When properly installed, most cedar shake roofs last approximately 30 years.

Tile and Slate Roofs

Depending on the type of slate or tile, these types of roofs typically last a minimum of 50 years, but they can exceed 100 years with minimal issues.

If you know your existing roof is well past its prime, it’s a good idea to replace it even if you’re unaware of any problems. Roof issues aren’t always easy to detect, and your best bet for protecting the structure of your home is to be as proactive as possible.

2. You Continually Pay for Roof Repairs

Have you had your existing roof repaired? How many times have you had to call in the roofing contractors? If you’re continually paying for roof repairs year after year, that’s a sure sign your home needs a roof replacement.

Though it’s easy to assume repairs are generally the more cost-effective option, that’s not always the case. Take a minute to add up all your roof-related expenses — is that number spiraling out of control? You’ll get considerably more life out of a new roof, than you will out of repairs, so keep that in mind.

3. There’s an Excessive Amount of Missing Shingle Granules

When was the last time you inspected your roof for signs of damage? Have you peered inside your gutters lately? If not, take a minute to inspect your gutters and downspouts for shingle granules.

If you can see a large collection of granules inside the gutters or around the downspout openings, that may be an indication your roof is due for replacement.

If you can see patches of missing granules on your shingles, call a roofing contractor for a roof inspection. Inclement weather often causes considerable shingle damage, so you should always have patchy shingles checked out by a pro.

4. You Spot Roof Rot

Are sections of your roof sagging or drooping? If so, you’ve got a major problem on your hands.

Check inside your attic for signs of moisture, as well as rotted boards and patches of mold and mildew. If you have roof rot, you’ll definitely need a roof replacement, but you may also need mold remediation to protect your health.

5. There Are Water Spots on the Ceiling

Another indicator that there may be a problem and can let you know that you're facing damage is water spots on the ceiling, which can begin moving to other areas of the home. If this is left unaddressed, it can cause extensive damage inside the house and require water damage restoration.

6. You Can See Daylight Coming Through the Roof

As you are doing an inspection, another thing to look for is any light streams coming through cracks or holes in the roof. This is a major red flag that there is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately because it means there can be water damage due to the cracks.

The first step to preventing internal damage in your home is reaching out to a professional roofing contractor like Kiser Construction to keep your home and family safer.

7. There’s Damage to the Roof Flashing

The flashing is placed on the roof to help provide a seal wherever there is penetration or a roof joint. It is an integral part of the system because it helps protect the home against areas where water could get in.

This seal works as a barrier, and it helps the water drain off of the roof, so if this material has been damaged in any way, it can become vulnerable, and you may have to consider replacing it along with any part of the roof that has sustained damage.

8. Your Roof Has Low-Quality Craftsmanship

The last situation can occur easily without the correct information and experience, so if your roof has patches or the tiling and shingles are not fitting together correctly, this is a significant indicator that your roof may need to be replaced.

In addition to this, if the roof also has multiple layers, it's recommended that you call a company that only uses experienced roofers to get the job done right.

9. There’s Excessive Organic Growth

Can you see huge streaks of black algae on your roof? What about large patches of moss or other organic growths? While these growths don’t always indicate the need for roof replacement, they do encourage moisture penetration, which can result in serious roof problems.

If you can see stuff growing on your roof, but you’ve never seen anything similar before, get in touch with a roofing contractor to schedule an inspection. A professional can examine the interior and the surface of the roof to determine the best course of action. You may not have any damage at all — you’ll just need to keep your roof clear of growths to avoid further problems.


If you believe your roof requires repairs or replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our contractors at Kiser Construction. We specialize in performing cost-effective home repairs and renovations that deliver lasting value, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent service and superior workmanship.

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