Household water damage usually occurs silently, which is what makes it so difficult to catch before it gets out of control. At Kiser Construction, we know how impactful even a small plumbing leak can be to the structure of your home, and if you don’t catch minor leaks early, they inevitably grow worse. To help you better protect your property, we’ve outlined four signs of water damage every homeowner should keep an eye out for.

Buckling Floors

If areas of your floor are bulging or buckling, that’s a sign that water has infiltrated your subfloor, which is a major problem. If you’ve noticed your floors seem uneven or if your floor tiles have begun to crack with no explanation, it’s imperative that you schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience. Replacing a subfloor is an expensive job, but if you catch the damage early, you may be able to get away with repairs rather than a complete overhaul.

Peeling, Blistering, or Cracking Paint

If you’ve noticed paint damage — either on the inside or outside of your home — that’s an indication of water damage. Peeling, cracking, or blistering paint, along with cracked or stained drywall, is almost always a result of moisture infiltration, which can be due to a variety of causes. To avoid more extensive damage, you’ll need to have a restoration contractor inspect each area for the source of the moisture. Never paint over damaged paint without determining the culprit behind the damage first!

Wood Rot

If you own a wood-frame house, it’s critical that you keep a close eye out for wood rot. Rotting wood, even it’s minor, indicates that’s there a continual water leak somewhere in your home, and unless you locate the leak promptly, the issue will only spread.

Because wood rot stems from a combination of water and fungal growths, it can spread quickly because fungi grow rapidly. And, because fungi cannot grow on dry wood, that means the rotted portions of your home are almost continually wet. Not sure where to look for rot? Check out the following common locations:

●        Exterior siding

●        Roof eaves

●        Wood near to the foundation of your home

●        Window frames

●        Exterior soffit, fascia, and trim

If you notice rotting wood anywhere around your house, contact a water damage restoration specialist at your earliest convenience. In addition to repairing the existing leak and damage, a specialist can also inspect your home for any other signs that you may have more extensive water damage you’re yet unaware of.

Roof Damage

Because your roof sustains continual environmental impacts, it’s one of the most common household areas where you’ll find signs of water damage. If you’re not sure what to look for, keep an eye out for these signs:

●        Missing shingles or flashings

●        Gutters that pull away from the edge of the roof

●        Organic growths, such as moss and lichen

●        One or more sagging areas throughout the roof

●        Standing water on the roof

If you observe any of the signs listed above, contact a roofing contractor for a roof inspection at your earliest convenience; otherwise, you could end up facing extensive (and expensive!) water damage restoration repairs. If you catch water intrusion on your roof early, a few simple roof repairs should effectively resolve the problem.

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