When it comes to protecting your home and property from weather-related damage, gutters are critical. Though they may not be an exterior component you frequently notice, they perform an essential function that no homeowner should be without.

At Kiser Construction, we’re well aware of the extensive home damage our crazy Twin Cities weather can cause, but with the right gutter system, you can help minimize your risks.

So how exactly do gutters protect your home? Our expert gutter contractors have the details below.

1. Foundation Water Damage Prevention

You might not realize it, but gutters — even though they’re attached to the roof of your house — are designed to protect your home’s foundation from water damage. When it rains, gutters collect roof runoff and shuttle it away from the home’s foundation rather than allowing it to fall directly on the ground.

Though rainfall may not seem inherently hazardous to your home, you might be surprised to learn that water is the most common source of foundation damage. To properly protect your foundation, quality gutter installation is critical.

2. Roof Protection

One of the more expensive components of your home is your roof; and is an integral part of the construction of the home, which is why the protection gutters offer, is crucial. If the gutters are in bad condition or not functioning correctly, the water can sit on your roof and begin to develop things like wood rot, stains, and fungus. These are all unsightly and can lower the overall property value of your home, and may require contacting roofing contractors for services.

3. Help Avoid Internal Damages

One of the main concerns about water draining properly is internal damage that can happen if there's a buildup on the roof. If the water pools up because it's not draining correctly, it can begin to soak into the material and break down the home's structural integrity by getting moisture into the internal walls.

This can lead to rotting and mold buildup, which will affect the material, affect the air quality in your home, and encourage needing mold removal.

4. Contribute to Irrigation

If you have spent a lot of time and finances creating a beautiful garden area, it is essential to make sure that you have a watering system in place that will help support keeping it in the best condition possible.

Another consideration with your gutter system is that it can help create an irrigation system to get the water more evenly placed in the garden and help your landscaping and plants thrive.

5. Prevent Pest Infestations

Having a high-quality gutter system can also help keep your home clear of pest or animal infestations. If there is an accumulation of debris around the area, it creates an inviting space for small animals or pets to create nests.

Having well-maintained and functional gutters means no buildup of items like leaves or other debris that might encourage animals to make a home and help avoid restoration services from an infestation.

6. Siding Damage Protection

Though gutters function to protect your foundation from water damage, that’s not the only purpose they serve. When rainwater falls directly off your roof instead of collecting within a gutter system, that water makes contact with your siding, deteriorating it over time.

If your home features wood siding, your risk of siding damage increases substantially. If you don’t have a gutter system currently, there’s no time like the present to start thinking about a new gutter installation. And as an extra layer of protection, consider installing gutter covers, too.

7. Landscaping Protection

Whether you’ve taken the time to design and install your own landscaping or invested in professional services, you want to maintain your yard’s aesthetic, right? A quality gutter system helps you do exactly that.

Without gutters, rainwater washes directly from your roof onto the ground around your home, where it can quickly flood flowerbeds, wash out mulch beds, and oversaturate foliage.

Though severe storms and heavy rainfall will inevitably cause some degree of landscaping damage, gutters can help lessen the extent. If you currently have gutters but still notice post-rainfall damage to the plants and soil around your home, you’ll need to contact a gutter contractor for a quick inspection. Your existing gutters may have compromised seals or cracks, which must be repaired for proper functionality. But if the damage is extensive, it’s best to opt for a new gutter installation.


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