Do you have trouble maintaining a constant temperature inside your home? Are you facing ever-growing heating and cooling bills? If so, it may time to consider replacing your existing windows and entry doors with more energy-efficient options.

At Kiser Construction, we know what a dramatic difference window and door upgrades can make, both for the energy efficiency of your home and the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Below, we’re delving into the details concerning how window and door replacement is one of the smartest home renovations you can make.

Windows & Doors: Leading Source of Household Heat Transfer

Because windows and doors typically occupy about 20% of the wall space within the average home, they contribute significantly to indoor-outdoor heat transfer. Generally speaking, windows lose more heat in winter and gain more heat during summer than any other surface in your home.

If you have outdated windows and doors, or if the seals are compromised, you may be losing up to 35% of the temperature-controlled air your HVAC system produces. Too, lack of proper window and door insulation allows both cool and warm outdoor air to penetrate your home, causing indoor temperatures to fluctuate at a near-constant rate.

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors: What Sets Them Apart?

When it comes to mitigating heat transfer, properly insulated windows and doors are essential. If you own an older home, chances are it contains single-pane windows and bare-bones entry doors that lack any appreciable form of insulation. Modern, energy-efficient windows and doors, however, feature design specializations engineered to mitigate heat transfer. Traits to look for include:

●        Specialty frames. Energy-efficient windows and doors typically feature added insulation in each frame, which decreases heat transfer and provides a tight, impermeable seal between the window itself the surrounding wall. Well-designed entry doors generally also feature upgraded weatherstripping to further protect against heat exchange.

●        Specialized coatings. Energy-efficient windows feature a specialty glass coating that transforms standard glass into low-emissivity glass, which blocks up to 90% of solar heat.

●        Multiple panes. Any energy-efficient window contains multi-pane glass. When combined, multiple panes, insulating gas, and low-E coating dramatically reduce heat transfer through windows, sliding glass patio doors, and even windows within main entry doors. 

●        Upgraded insulation. Energy-efficient doors typically contain additional insulation, such as polyurethane foam, to prevent heat transfer. Modern entry doors are also available in a much wider range of materials, such as fiberglass, vinyl, and steel, which are naturally more insulating than historically popular wood entry doors.

Insulated windows, on the other hand, contain argon or krypton gas, which are both denser than ambient air. This additional density significantly reduces heat transfer, especially when combined with low-E glass coating. 

Design Options for Energy-Efficient Window & Door Replacement

Worried energy-efficient windows and doors won’t complement your existing architectural or interior design? Good news! Though insulated glass and upgraded entry doors are newer additions in the construction market, that doesn’t mean they’ll compromise the coherence of your design. 

Generally, energy-efficient window and door replacements are available in any style of your choosing. At Kiser Construction, we offer a wide range of industry-leading windows and doors to meet any budget or design scheme. When you partner with our team on your renovations, we’ll help guide you toward the most fitting materials and products to meet your needs.

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