When you live in Minnesota, harsh winter weather can present a significant threat to your property. Snow accumulation, ice formation, winter storms, and freezing weather can wreak havoc on your roof throughout the winter season.

Unfortunately, unless you’re very vigilant, you might not notice there’s a problem until damage occurs. At Kiser Construction, our team is here to help you maintain your home in top condition, so when the snow finally starts to melt, be sure to examine your roof for these hallmark signs of damage.

Start With an Attic Inspection

Have you noticed huge icicles hanging from the edges of your gutters? How about significant snow accumulation on your roof? While these situations might strike you as routine side effects of winter weather, they can cause considerable damage to your roof if left unchecked.

Come spring, as snow begins to melt, varying amounts of water can make their way through your roof and into your attic. When it comes to your attic, no amount of moisture is acceptable, so if you notice substantial snow or ice on your roof throughout the winter, you need to inspect your attic for condensation.

Here’s what to look for!

Stains and Other Signs of Moisture

Check the plywood in your attic for any stains and ruptures, as this is a sign that moisture has penetrated your roof's interior.

Additionally, you can spot water damage by searching for stained or rusted nails in your attic. In winter, look for signs of frost in your attic.


If temperatures are below freezing, you might locate frost on roofing nails or near the edges of the roof where water often accumulates and seeps through the shingles.


In spring, check for signs that condensation was present throughout winter. Winter roof leaks typically leave water stains in smaller, condensed areas, while condensation usually leaves widespread water stains.


Inspect the attic and insulation for signs of mold. Mold naturally grows in moist areas, so if you find any, your attic has a condensation problem.


Winters in Minnesota hosts some of the coldest temperatures in the country. As a result, critters like squirrels, mice, and raccoons will seek refuge in the warmth of your attic. Look for signs of chewing, scratching, nests, and animal droppings to determine if any pests made your attic their home for the winter.

Who to Call If You Find Something

If you locate pests or water damage in your attic, you must contact a roofing contractor or pest control to inspect your attic and assess the damage. Promptly dealing with the issue is the best way to prevent extensive home restoration.

Also Look for Shingle Damage or Deterioration

Your shingles protect the structural components of your roof from weather-related damage, but if they deteriorate or sustain damage, they cannot adequately defend your home from damaging water.

Once the water begins to seep beneath your roof’s shingles, it can cause attic condensation, mold proliferation, and even compromise the structural integrity of your home.

As the snow begins to melt, examine your roof for missing shingles or signs of shingle deterioration. Contact a roofing contractor for a roof and attic if you locate missing shingles. Catching damage early can prevent more severe issues down the road.

Do a Ground-Level Inspection Too

Yes, you are looking for roof damage during your post-winter inspection. However, you can find signs of damage to your roof in the ground as well!

Look for dark patches near your home on the ground level of your property. These dark patches are granules shedding off your asphalt shingles. While shedding granules are a natural occurrence as your shingles age, a significant amount at one time is a clear indicator of roof damage.

Inspect Your Gutters

Additionally, you may be able to see roofing damage by the state of your gutters. If you notice your gutters or downspouts pulling away from your home, it’s not only a sign of gutter damage, but it also serves as an indicator of roof damage.

You will want to inspect your chimneys and vents as the harsh elements of winter can puncture holes, causing leaks. Contact a trusted contractor for an inexpensive and simple fix if you have any leaks.

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