Everyone knows the winter months in Minnesota aren’t the most popular for renovations and additions. In fact, the winter months aren’t popular for much, besides staying indoors. If you’ve been considering a remodel, but dread fighting the summer renovation crowd, winter may be the perfect time to have contractors begin your project. Kiser Construction discusses why winter renovations may be ideal for certain homeowners.


Decreased Demand, High Contractor Availability

In winter, contractor work generally slows to crawl due to frigid temperatures and seasonal celebrations. But this dip in business can be highly advantageous for the opportunistic homeowner. When business slows, contractor availability opens up – if you’ve attempted to schedule a contractor during summer, you know wait times can be extensive. In winter, however, you’re likely to receive more time and attention to your project as contractors are no longer spread so thin. Plus, you won’t have to compete for the best in the business!


Holiday Travels

If you’re traveling for the holidays, your vacation may be the perfect time to begin your remodeling project. Or, if you have numerous holiday gatherings to attend, you may not be home often anyway. Since you won’t be using your home as frequently, you can certainly live without a fully functional kitchen or bathroom for a couple of weeks while necessary upgrades are installed. Although summer is the busiest time of year for home renovations, if you have children who stay home during summer vacation, orchestrating a remodel during these months can be challenging. For the opportunist, winter may be an ideal time for a contractor to get to work.


Quick Turnaround Times

Because contractors aren’t so overwhelmed with job scheduling during the winter months, they can give your project their undivided attention. During the hectic spring and summer remodeling seasons, contractors may be spread thin over multiple jobs. Since you won’t have to compete for contractor availability, your project turnaround time may be much more rapid than in the busier summer months. Since no one likes living without their fully functional kitchen or bathroom for weeks on end, winter can be a perfect time to remodel these areas.


New Technology Achieves Flawless Cleanup

Worried about fumes and dust accumulating inside your home during a winter remodel? You can put those fears to rest! New technology allows contractors to easily prevent dust, debris, and fumes from building up in your living areas. Negative pressure fans, duct sealing, filter installation, and plastic sealing keep debris contained so you won’t breathe in hazardous particles.


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