When your home has been damaged by a storm, fire, or other unforeseen event, it’s crucial you find a disaster restoration company to help you with every aspect of your restoration. One of the most overlooked aspects of storm restoration services is finding a company that will help you navigate your insurance claim. Dealing with insurance companies can be tiring and should not be your main priority when recovering from an emergency disaster. You need to find a company that will act as your advocate the whole time, while also completing your home’s restoration and recovery in a timely fashion. Here, our certified technicians will discuss what to look for in a restoration company, so you get the best care possible.

Know You’re Taken Care Of

When you are in need of home restoration services, it is extremely important to find a team of licensed contractors that will help you through the entire process. Some restoration companies simply focus on making the repairs and getting paid. At Kiser, our team puts your needs above all else. When you are searching for a restoration company after your home has suffered from a disaster, you need to do whatever you can to find a team to help you with your insurance, as well as your restoration needs.

They Offer a Detailed Understanding of Required Repairs

One of the most significant ways insurance companies make money is by having a positive premium to claim ratio and interest on the premiums. In most cases, they will take those premiums and invest them in assets to make as much interest as possible. And the longer they can let the money sit there instead of paying it out to customers who need repairs, the more they will make. Having a professional on your side can help the claims adjuster to understand how the damage has been assessed and produce an accurate quote that can restore the state of your home before the damage.

Having the extra support is essential and companies that offer help with insurance claims ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. As your advocate, our team at Kiser will cover every base to ensure your insurance claim is properly filed and you are not taken advantage of. Navigating with insurance can be difficult, but with the help of professionals, it is made easier. These professionals will ensure you get everything you need to successfully get back on your feet.

Focus on What Matters

One of the processes of being a homeowner and needing repairs is that it may not always be as straightforward as what the insurance company claims. Disputes can arise when the adjuster and the homeowner have different perceptions of the value of the damage. This is another area where restoration contractors can be helpful because they can offer negotiations based on professional experience and expert resources. This can help you get the most from the claim because the contractor has been through this before and understands the skills needed to negotiate payouts.

When you’re able to take your mind off handling your insurance, you’re able to focus on what actually matters: recovering. If a disaster has struck your home, you should be able to focus on getting your life back on track, and not worrying about handling insurance claims and going back and forth with your insurance company trying to get the coverage you deserve.


Depending on the kind of damage that the contractor needs to fix, there can be many different facets to this, and the insurance company may want to go through the complete claim before doing any payouts. In most cases, the policy will likely cover damages from lightning strikes or falling trees, but when it comes to flooding or earthquakes, this might be more complex.  Working with a contractor can help get the process completed more quickly because they begin sending preliminary notices right away. This can prompt quicker results and get your home restored more efficiently.

Keeping Your Needs at the Forefront

At Kiser Construction, we focus on helping you get your life back on track by handling your insurance claims, which allows you to put your energy toward handling everything else. If your home is uninhabitable because of the disaster that occurred, you should be able to focus more on finding a place for your family to stay and other essential things.

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