After a severe summer or winter storm hits, it’s important to check your home for damage. If any damage goes unnoticed or untreated, it can cause more damage in the long run, which could cost you more money or even cause health issues if mold forms.


Typically, strong storms damage a few specific areas, while others are damaged less frequently. No matter if your home was damaged from a severe thunderstorm or an extreme blizzard, our team at Kiser Renovations  can help you restore your home, while also helping you navigate the insurance claim process. Here, our licensed and certified contractors will discuss the most frequently damaged areas on homes from storms, and how you should address these areas if there is damage.

Roof Damage

When a strong thunderstorm or blizzard hits your home, your roof is one of the most likely areas to receive damage. Your roof is the first line of defense for your home, and though all roofing materials are designed to last for several years, if the storm is severe enough, it can damage your home. Water can seep under your shingles or metal roofing materials, which can cause water damage inside your home. If this damage is not immediately noticed, it can cause major problems, both with health and home structure.


High-force winds, hail, and heavy rains are the most likely culprits in causing roof damage. If there has recently been a strong storm in your area, chances are that door-to-door contractors will be coming around to try and sell you on their services. However, many of these services are not guaranteed and can be a scam, so it is best to contact a reputable contractor, like Kiser, to check your roof for damage.

Siding Damage

Though siding is easier to check for damage than your roof is, it is still important to bring out a reputable contractor to ensure your siding is properly checked after a strong thunderstorm or blizzard. After your roofing, your siding is the next layer of defense for your home. If the storms are strong enough, water can seep underneath the materials, similarly to how water seeps under roofing materials. Siding materials are designed to last for several years, if not decades. However, if your home is hit by a severe storm, you should call a contractor to inspect your home.


When you contact Kiser, our team will inspect your home before offering you a fair quote if we find damage. We do not want you to get ripped off by door-to-door companies. At Kiser, we are fully committed to your needs and will help you restore your home if it has suffered internal or external damage from siding damage.

Gutter Damage

A properly functioning gutter system is crucial to the protection and longevity of your home. Properly functioning gutter systems allow for the water to properly run off your roof and away from your house’s foundation. If your gutters are not functioning properly from storm damage, backups can cause water to seep underneath your roof as well as your siding, which will cause internal damage to your home. If the problem is severe enough, you may need full water damage restoration services.


Even if a severe storm does not damage your gutter system, it can cause debris to fall into the gutters, which will cause backups, ultimately leading to water damage. When a storm hits, you should have a contractor come to your home to check the gutters. Additionally, ice dams can form during the winter, and if they aren’t properly treated, it can cause water damage.

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