Even after a fire has been put out, chances are there's going to be a sizable amount of damage that needs to be addressed and remedied. The soot, smoke, chemicals, and water used to put out the fire can affect all areas of your home, including the walls, clothing, upholstery, or personal items, so Kiser Construction is here with this guide on restoring your home after smoke damage.

Keep Air Flowing

Once the fire marshal has permitted you to re-enter your home, you will need to assess the level of damage from the fire. You also want to open any windows that are accessible to bring in fresh air to circulate inside your home. This will help minimize the odor, remove residual smoke, and bring soot-free fresh air into the space.

Remove Any Soot

Any soot residue will need to be removed from areas where you see the powdery residue. It is recommended to lay down a drop cloth before starting and to use a HEPA filter vacuum because this can minimize the risk of getting contaminated particles embedded into the surfaces.

Dry-Sponge Ceilings and Walls

The walls and ceilings will also need to be addressed. For these surfaces, it is recommended to use a dry sponge specific for soot clean-up. The material in these sponges absorbs the powder, so be sure not to overload it. Use overlapping and vertical strokes working a few inches from the bottom in an upwards motion to help reduce streaking.

Use a Degreaser

Once the surface areas have been removed, finish by cleaning them with a mixture of degreaser and warm water and combine degreasing with dry sponging to remove soot from glass pieces.

Address Smoke Odors

While sponges and vacuums can remove contaminants on the surface, you still will have unpleasant and strong smoke odors to address. One option is to set out a bowl of baking soda or vinegar in the affected areas. You can also use bags of charcoal or reach out to a restoration pro like Kiser Construction to resolve the situation more quickly with their specialized equipment.

Replacement or Repair of Personal Items

Typically, any surfaces that are non-porous or hard can be saved. And while it may be challenging to toss things out, the cost of replenishing them may be a better option than the risk of possible contamination from the fire. Items like cosmetics or toiletries, medicines, and food items can all be affected by heat, so it is recommended not to keep them.

Clothing and other soft items can be restored to their original state unless they have been completely burned, so check the integrity of each item, and if you see burn holes, toss them out.

Kiser Construction: Your Fire and Smoke Restoration Experts

Going through a house fire can be complex, and clean-up can feel overwhelming, even in the most organized situations. Having a highly trained team of experts like Kaiser Construction means getting the job done right the first time and restoring your home quickly. Since 2003 we have been providing expert restoration services from gutter installation to ice dam removal in Minnesota that our clients know and trust.

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