While all roofing materials are designed to last for several years, if not decades, through all kinds of weather, they can be damaged in severe storms. As your roof is the first line of defense for your home, it is the first place you should check for signs of damage. While you can check for signs of damage on your own, you should also consider contacting a reputable contractor to inspect your roof for you. They may notice signs of damage that you may not see, which can save you money in the long run. Here, our team of licensed contractors at Kiser Construction will discuss what kind of weather conditions can damage your home and what to look for if you suspect your roof has been damaged due to a severe storm.

Strong Winds

While your roofing materials are designed to withstand strong winds, sometimes the wind is just too much. For instance, tornado or hurricane-force winds, as well as straight-line winds, can cause significant roofing damage. When these strong winds hit your home, your shingles or metal roofing materials can be blown off or become loose, which will inevitably cause leaks in your roof, which then cause water damage in your home. If you are missing shingles or even entire sections of roofing, it is entirely plausible you’re at risk for water damage. Additionally, if shingles or sections look loose, the adhesive seal on your roof may have broken, which can also cause leaks. Though you can check your roof yourself, we recommend you consult a professional contractor like Kiser.

All Hail

Though hail damage is pretty hard to miss, it’s important you still inspect your roofing materials to ensure they weren’t severely damaged. Shingles and metal roofing materials are designed to hold up from hail damage, but when the hail is large and falls over a period of time, the roofing materials can crack or fail. Typically, when there is hail damage, storm chasers will come door-to-door in an attempt to get your business, however many of these people are not reputable and may be attempting to scam you. When there has been hail in your neighborhood, you should contact a reputable contractor to inspect your roof. Typically, we look for small dents throughout the roofing materials, as well as cracks, missing granules, holes, and more. All of these are tell-tale signs of hail damage and can puncture the adhesive seal underneath your roofing materials, which can cause water damage. Additionally, water can pool if there are cracks and holes in the materials, which can then eventually cause your roof to fail.

Fallen Debris

When strong thunderstorms or blizzards hit your area, debris from trees and power lines can fall and damage your home. Debris can cause similar damage like hail and wind damage. With the force of debris hitting your roof, it can crack your roofing or puncture the roof, causing internal damage in your home.

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