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Located near the Twin Cities and known by some for its spacious homes and a significant number of businesses, Eden Prairie renders itself a wonderful place for any type of family or business. Both commerce and family life thrive here! The city is also notable for its architectural beauty and countless public amenities, from dog parks to hiking trails to public beaches. No matter your lifestyle, you’ll find something about Eden Prairie to love, and no matter your business, you could find a market here.

Unfortunately, all businesses and homes, regardless of where they are located, are subject to the whims of the weather or natural disasters. Housefires, flooding, and storms all can wreak havoc on even the most well-constructed Eden Prairie home. When the worst happens, and you’re left reeling, who on Earth can you call to begin Eden Prairie restoration services?

Kiser Construction is here to help. Though we are based in Elk River, we are proud to lend our services to any home or business in the Eden Prairie area. As our name suggests, we also offer a variety of remodeling services. No matter if you’re in need of storm damage repair, fire damage restoration, or water damage cleanup in the Eden Prairie area, Kiser Construction is here to serve.

How Can We Help?

As an Eden Prairie disaster restoration company, we know all too well the trauma a fire, flood, or storm can inflict on homeowners and businesses alike. We also know, as Eden Prairie remodeling contractors, that changing an entire part of your home or business’s look can sometimes be stressful. At Kiser Construction, that’s why we make it a point to be there for our customers in any way we can.

  • We offer 24-hour damage restoration services in Eden Prairie | No matter what has befallen your beautiful Eden Prairie home or business, we’re on the case—at any time of day. Because we care about our customers, we offer 24-hour Eden Prairie emergency restoration services. Did a pipe burst at one in the morning in the middle of winter and flood your kitchen? Our kitchen contractors and restoration experts are only a call away.
  • We advocate for our clients | We’ve been in this industry long enough to know that dealing with mortgage companies and wrestling with insurance claims is stressful on a good day—let alone when your business or family home has been severely damaged. At Kiser Construction, we make it a point to help all our clients through the disaster remediation process. It’s the least we can do.
  • We can soothe your nerves with our versatility | The plus side to hiring an Eden Prairie restoration contractor that can do it all is you know everything will be taken care of. Our thorough and fully licensed team will inspect every last inch of your home or business and let you know exactly what you need done. Nothing goes unchecked!

If you’re in need of a hardworking and compassionate Eden Prairie home addition contractor or restoration company, please reach out to us today. You can get ahold of the Kiser Construction office in Elk River at 763-633-2010, or contact us through our online form. We’re here to help and to serve.

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If you’re in need of immediate repair services following a disaster, call our emergency line at 612-518-8852.

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