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Restoration and Remodeling Services in Delano, MN

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From thunderstorms to harsh blizzards, homes in Delano, Minnesota experience a variety of extreme weather conditions. If your home has incurred damage from a Minnesota storm or fire, Kiser Construction is here to help. We offer both restoration and remodeling services for homeowners in Delano, MN. Whether your home needs a repair after the blow of a storm or you have a room that needs some updating, we are ready to take on the project. Our team of contractors is happy to assist you in making your home safe and comfortable.

Disaster Restoration Services in Delano, MN

As a homeowner, you can face a number of unexpected challenges. When disaster hits, it can feel like an overwhelming task to find a way to get things fixed. Kiser Construction is here to help you get through those challenging times and help you pick up the pieces with our storm damage repair services. We offer a variety of restoration services that will help you get your home serene and secure once again.

  • Fire Restoration
    If your home has experienced damage caused by a fire, Kiser Construction is ready to get to work. We offer top-notch fire damage restoration services that will bring your home newfound comfort and security. We have 24/7 availability to ensure your home gets the help it needs as soon as possible.
  • Water Restoration
    At Kiser Construction, we understand how frustrating springtime flooding can be for homeowners in Delano, MN. When your home has experienced water damage, call Kiser Construction for water damage repair services. As an IICRC-certified company, we can assure you our prompt and professional water restoration process will ensure the damage is inspected and corrected.
  • Storm Damage Restoration
    In Delano, MN, your home can expect to take on a variety of types of storms. At Kiser Construction, we know the kinds of weather homes and businesses take on around here, and we have developed a storm damage restoration system that will repair a property professionally and efficiently.

Interior Remodeling Services in Delano, MN

As a homeowner, there may come a point where you need to update a space in your home. At Kiser Construction, we are happy to offer our customers top-of-the-line interior remodeling services for kitchens and bathrooms. We supply a team of experienced contractors that can make your vision a reality.

  • Kitchen Remodeling Services
    If you find yourself spending a lot of time in your kitchen, you may be thinking about updating it to meet your needs. Kiser Construction is happy to help you get the kitchen of your dreams with our kitchen remodeling services.
  • Bathroom Remodeling Services
    Think your bathroom needs a new look or another addition? Leave your bathroom remodeling worries to Kiser Construction. Our team of experienced contractors is happy to help achieve the look you want.

Exterior Remodeling Services in Delano, MN

Between increasing the market value of your home to adding an update that enhances durability, remodeling can produce a variety of benefits. In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, at Kiser Construction, we also offer a range of exterior remodeling services for our Delano, MN customers. Whether your home is in need of updating after a few years of aging or it’s experienced the effects of a storm, Kiser Construction is ready to handle your exterior remodeling needs.

  • Roofing
    Between the harsh, yearly storms and standard wear and tear, it’s important to ensure your roof is up-to-date to maximize the protection for your home’s foundation. Kiser Construction offers high-quality roof repair and replacement services for our Delano, MN customers.
  • Siding
    In Delano, MN, the exterior of your home can endure a lot of wear and tear from storms and harsh weather conditions. If the siding of your home has seen better days, contact Kiser construction for our top-notch siding repair services. We will ensure the siding of your home is updated and secure.
  • Gutters
    Gutters are a critical component of your home for ensuring the protection of its foundation. Kiser Construction offers gutter repair and installation services for when the exterior of your home needs high-quality gutters that efficiently escort water away from the roof and siding.
  • Windows and Doors
    When your windows and doors are damaged or worn to the point where they are creating drafts and losing security, contact Kiser Construction for window and door installation services. Our team of professional contractors follows a process that is affordable and trustworthy. The windows and doors we install will enhance the security and energy efficiency of your home.

Call Kiser Construction For Your Restoration and Remodeling Needs in Delano, MN

Whether disaster strikes your home or it’s in need of an update, Kiser Construction is ready to help. We offer restoration and remodeling services that will leave your home feeling comfortable and secure. Because we understand that unexpected storms and weather conditions can arise at any time in Delano, MN, we make ourselves available 24/7. In case of an emergency, call our 24-hour emergency services line at 612-518-8852 to start getting your home back to the way it was as soon as possible.

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